About Juanitos

Juanitos started over 30 years ago with the vision of providing the best Andean products for Canadian families.

Over the years Juanitos created sustainable livelihoods, both local and international, strong partnerships with our clients, artisans, and friends. We also proud to share our Latin American heritage and culture with you.

Our success has not come without a sweat. Through hard work and determination we founded and built a solid path that when entered, will lead you to the magical world of ancient Incas, Shyris, Quitus, Aymaras, Mayas, Aztecas civilizations. The life of these civilizations are sustained until this era, via the products hand-made by artisans and their direct ancestors, which Juanitos is  proud to showcase. These products, with ancient artisan roots, are made to meet today’s most demanding fashionistas.

We hope that when you enter Juanitos world, you will join us in this continuous spiritual and magical adventure.

We welcome you to a world where llamas, alpacas, the sun, pottery, tagua, paja toquilla dance to the rythm of zampoñas, pan flutes and rondadores.


The Juanitos Family

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